Secure Secure was founded with a vision to provide easy to use, affordable cybersecurity tools & services for SMEs.


Mauricio Salazar

Chief Executive Officer

Mauricio is a serial entrepreneur with three successful company exits under his belt. Mauricio co-founded Secure Secure to make the lives of software engineering teams easier by being able to detect issues earlier on in the development process. As both an entrepreneur and a developer, Mauricio leads the product design to ensure it is valuable and as friendly as possible for consultants, developers and executives to use - quite a challenge given the amount of complex data that our suite aggregates. 

Mauricio is Colombian, grew up in Venezuela and has spent most of the last few years in Europe. He has an MBA from the University of Kent and many years experience running life-changing businesses including a dental surgery in Caracas that was able to offer affordable services to thousands of clients that could not afford treatment from other providers.

Olga Pavlovsky

Chief Commercial Officer

Olga's specialisms lie in communications and the efficient use of data. She helps us to find the best match of our solution with the needs of our clients and grow our offering to fill the most pressing market gaps.

Having studied Politics and Economics at University she found herself extremely unemployable by governments and large institutions due to her obsessive desire to actually change things for the better. During her career she has grown several companies through market expansion and internationalisation. She has started new company divisions and helped departments to optimise their work through evidence-driven decision making and automation.

Olga was born in Moscow when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union. She grew up in the UK and has spent the past few years in mainland Europe. In her spare time Olga loves to ski and hike in the mountains. She runs an association for the protection of endangered Iberian species.

David Linten


David is an ethical hacker, a security expert and software engineer. His career has been spent developing highly secure solutions for capacity planning, policy management, encryption and military applications. He has always been frustrated by red tape and misfitting regulation. Co-founding Secure Secure is David's way to provide his expertise to SMEs in a scalable way, helping them to overcome the growing challenges posed by botnet attacks and the ever growing deluge of standards.

David is originally from Zimbabwe but grew up in South Africa. He spent a few years in the USA while studying at MIT before making the UK his home. In his spare time David likes nothing more than seeing how many home appliances he can melt! He also loves surfing and spending time with his family.

Richard Hodges


Richard is a software architect with 30 years experience across several high risk sectors. During his career he has done everything from building and maintaining critical trading systems for several global investment banks to designing card payment terminals and arcade machines. The commonality between each one of his projects has been ensuring security and availability at the highest level.


In his spare time Richard loves being outdoors with his two huskies whether it's the right weather for ski touring or hiking. He also spends a lot of time mentoring fellow programmers in his specialty area of expertise which is the C++ language. And if that's not enough, Richard is also a licensed commercial helicopter pilot and qualified financial adviser.

Marcin Pawlowski

Innovation Associate

Marcin is a security researcher and an expert in the security of the Internet of Things. He joined Secure Secure when we began to explore the future of security, knowing full well what a messy world we were getting into! Marcin leads our efforts on researching, testing and developing the automated tools that will soon be included in our IoT testing suite.

Marcin takes his work very seriously but creatively at the same time, detecting issues that other researches often miss. He has been awarded a PhD from the Warsaw University of Technology for his work titled: "Lightweight, scalable and manageable link-layer authentication for security of the process of acquiring network access for the Internet of Things devices". He also holds a MSc in Computer Science from Jagiellonian University and a BEng in Electronics and Telecommunications from the AGH University of Science and Technology.

In his spare time Marcin usually has a couple of research projects on the go but still finds time to explore the world around him as a keen walker and aspiring hiker.

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